Escudo de Ribadavia
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Festival Istoria

It has been declared as National Tourist Interest Fair and it is the oldest Historic Fairs in Galicia.

The current “Festa da Istoria” takes us back to the 19th century of this village, when they celebrated the festivities devoted to the "Virxen do Portal” (Virgin of O Portal), Patron Saint of O Ribeiro. One of the objectives of the “Festa da istoria” is the recovering of the ancestral and historic customs that made up the own history of the town of Ribadavia and its region.

History let us know about works that at present are being or are already lost such as blacksmith, construction carpenters, barrel-maker, basket-maker, and so on and so forth.

A large group of neighbours is the responsible of organising it every year; they all belong to the “Festa da istoria Foundation”.

Their criteria of work is always based on maintaining the historical rigueur of each activity or event represented, stressing some of the historical relevant events that took place in Ribadavia, such as the  story of “O Malsín” or that of the “bewitched Countess". The planning is full of events and activities brought back to the Medieval Age in order to amuse the inhabitants and tourists who participate wearing the traditional clothes of that time.