Escudo de Ribadavia
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The area occupied by this tiny town and its artistic quality goes inversely proportional. It was built to house the “encomenda” (feudal system) of Beade, part of the Militar Order of St. John.
The most important religious building is the actual parish church that still keeps remains of Romanesque style, although those remains that survived the best are the Renaissance and Baroque ones. Behind the South door of the church it is the old palace, at present turned into rectoral house. You can also run its “Via Crucis” that goes from the narthex of the church to the nearby of the Chapel of St. Roque, place where “O Calvario” and a covered cross are.

The urban network of Beade can be thought as an example of “pacega” and stately architecture in wine-growing lands. It can be also mentioned the “pazos” of Montero Fermosas, Oxea and Puga, as well as the typical wine-growing terraced landscape.

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