Escudo de Ribadavia
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Monastery of Melón

It was founded in 1145 by a group of Cistercian monks coming from Claraval, and got to be one of the most important abeys in Spain.

It received a lot of donations from the Kings, and it had big wine farms along the banks of the river Miño as well as many possessions all over Galicia such as the cities of Vigo, Cambados and Marín.

Its influence increased very fast reaching its peak when it became part the Castilian Congregation in the 16th century; from that moment it starts loosing popularity. What ecclesiastical confiscation provoked was the “exclaustration” and the abandonment and plundering of the monastery whose stones were used to build the Church of A Cañiza and Vigo.

At present it is being restored, maintaining part of the church, a sublime Cistercian-Romanesque-styled piece of art. The remains of its cloisters, its artistic richness and its natural environment are more than a good reason to visit this place.

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