Escudo de Ribadavia
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Pazos de Arenteiro

The Historic-monumental Site of Pazos de Arenteiro is 13 km far from Ribadavia, going upriver the course of the Avia. This court construction, founded by the Order of Malta, is located in the spot where the rivers  Arenteiro and Avia meet, remaining untouched while time goes by, keeping its original character, heritage and traditional architecture.   

Pazos de Arenteiro attracted an important wine-growing nobility, proof of it is the number of Manor Houses: Casa de Arriba, Casa and Granja de O Mato, Casa do Ouro, Pazo de Cervela, Pazo de Feixóo, Pazo do Currelo, Pazo dos Tizón y Pazo de Laxas. In the town centre there is the “Igrexa Parroquial de San Salvador” linked to the Knights of the Militar Order of Malta, who also built the Stately Mansions. The Pazo de Encomenda rests over the remains of the old monastery, close to the apse. Since it has recently been renewed it is an important heritage to admire the “pacega” architecture of the town.

In the river Avia, it specially stands out “A Ponte da Cruz” (Cross Bridge), of medieval origin and that still survives with its single arch despite the erosion of the stone on its walker’s path.

If you leave the town centre and follow the old path to Ribadavia, that goes to Pozo dos Fumes, you will find another magnificent medieval bridge that crosses over the Arenteiro, part of the excellent road network of O Ribeiro.

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