Escudo de Ribadavia
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Monastery of St. Clodio

The origin of this Monastery comes from the community of Benedictine monks who came from the Monastery of St. Clodio in León and that settled here in the 9th century thanks to the donations of the Counts Alvaro and Sabita. The actual Cistercian Monastery of St. Clodio dates back from the 12th century, though it was rebuilt in the 16th and 18th centuries.

Its splendid cloisters, vaulted crypts and monumental carácter can be explained by the importance and prominence that this Monastery meant in relation with production and growing of wine in the whole Valley of Avia region from the12th century. It was, with no doubt, one of the most outstanding Monasteries in the Iberian Peninsula, funding farms and priories all over the Ribeiro del Avia district.

Its privileged location, 7 km far from Ribadavia, near to the town of Leiro, is surrounded by vine yards and forests. In the little village of St. Clodio, declared as National Monument, it can be appreciated splendid expressions of popular court architecture and traditional structure.

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