Escudo de Ribadavia
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Outariz termal baths

The Outariz thermal baths are in the nearby of Ourense, 22 km far from Ribadavia, and for sure, they mean an unequalled recreational thermal concept in Spain. Located in the enviable banks of the river Miño, not only the quality and quantity of its waters but also its design and the structure of its swimming pools and facilities, make of it the preferred one among all the thermal baths present in the outskirts of the city of Ourense.

It has Zen and Celtic thermal circuits, made of wood and stone, different levels and temperatures, treatment and massage cabins, a Japanese coffee-bar, a beautiful and simple garden surrounding it and hiking routes.  

You can arrive there walking by a modernist bridge over the river Miño or taking the so popular Thermal baths Train at the plaza Mayor in Ourense. It is divided into two parts: an upper one called “Pozas de Outariz” and other named “Pozas de Canedo”.

If you drive from Rivadavia, you should follow the route of the vine yards, from Castrelo de Miño, you will get impressed by the landscape!.

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