Escudo de Ribadavia
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The geographical situation of Ribadavia, its proximity to both cost and mountain, makes it possible to enjoy of local fresh fish and selfish every day, apart from octopus or delicious meat and traditional bread. Any visitor will have the pleasure of savour in Ribadavia the most natural and fresh Galician fish and meat, carefully home made dishes, traditional cook to be tasted with the famous Ribeiro wines, spirits and liquors.

Traditional ovens in Ribadavia are filled with the so famous “rosquillas” (yolk egg ring-shaped pastries), “bicotas” (kind of sponge cake), “melindres” (sugar-topped pastries), “amendoados” (almond cakes) and Hebrew sweets. The “rosquilla” is one of the most popular pastries in Galicia, being Ribadavia a village with an enormous tradition and production of it. We cannot forget mentioning the almond and nuts pies.

The “Tostado del Ribeiro” will make you feel a privileged either at the beginning or at the end of the meal. It is a singular and delicious wine that the English Monarchies kept for special occasions.

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