Escudo de Ribadavia
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Pazo of the Counts of Ribadavia

This Baroque Pazo belonged to the Sarmiento family, who settled the village in 1375 when Henry the 2nd awarded Pedro Ruiz Sarmiento with the County of Ribadavia and the “Adiantados maiores of the kingdom of Galicia” (The “Adiantado Maior” was at the same time an intermediary appellate judge, located in the judicial hierarchy between local justices and the king's court, and an executive officer, who as a direct representative of the king, was charged with implementing royal orders in his assigned area).

The Sarmiento’s acquired the tile of Counts of Ribadavia in1476, granted by the Catholic Kings. The title got lost in 1934 when the 18th Count, Mr Ignacio Fernández de Henestrosa e Gayoso dos Covos.

The Coat of Arms of the Sarmiento Family is formed by thirteen gold roundels. It can be appreciated in the county Coat of Arms close to those of Castro and Mendoza Families.

The pazo is a pulchritudinous baroque piece of art with two big patios. One of it serves to pass through the different rooms of the Manor House and the other one, a lovely arcaded patio with an artistic balcony, is a picturesque point view to the river Miño. It also counts with other fair balconies and galleries, and numerous coats of Arms from the Sarmiento’s. It is also remarkable the little vaulted building that used to be the ancient archive of the Counts of Ribadavia.

At present, it houses the Tourist Office and the Jewish Information Centre of Galicia, which holds a permanent exposition that helps the visitor to understand the history of the Galician Jews until they were expelled.

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