Escudo de Ribadavia
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Ribeiro Wine

More than 1000 years of wine-growing history makes of the Ribeiro Region the wine essence of Galicia, always helped by its microclimate and enviable geographical situation. Since time immemorial, wine production in this region reached the highest levels of quality and commercialisation, never made before in the Iberian Peninsula. It was the first wine that, thanks to Colon, set foot in America. Furthermore, its fame as wine of Ribadavia and Ourense reached to the most important tables of the European monarchies.

Today, “O Ribeiro”, apart from its privileged nature, has recovered its status of “wine with the greatest renown among those made in the Iberian Peninsula”, capturing great expectations both at a national and international level. Sommeliers and gourmets from all over the world have acclaim its varietal complexity and wide range of scents and tastes, both in white and red wines.

“O Ribeiro is the wine producer region with the greatest renown, it is a kind of Spanish Bourgogne where the most interesting types of grapes converge, a region with a climate, a landscape and a history deeply worthy to be discovered”, American newspapers and wine-specialised reporters recently said.

Manuel Antonio, used to say, “If I hadn’t been born in A Terra Cha, I would have liked to be from O Ribeiro”.

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